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How to Vote New Committer/PMC members

Introduce the selection requirements and process for Committer and PMC members. Official guidelines can be found at:

1. Candidate requirements

When voting, all PMC members need to decide for themselves whether candidates should be approved as committers. This can be done by searching the mailing list/ISSUES/PR/Official Website Documentation Contribution to understand how candidates interact with others, and the contributions they make (code or documentation patches, suggestions, participation in Q&A) Wait).

Below are some points to consider when evaluating candidates for commitment eligibility.

  1. Ability to develop collaboration with the community?
    • Interaction via email
    • Participate in certain group voting or decision-making discussions
  2. How does the community evaluate it?
    • Is it helpful to answer questions asked on the mailing list
    • Shows a helpful attitude and respects the ideas of others
  3. How to evaluate the content of the commitment work?
    • Completion of tasks according to the project task plan
    • Attitude and process for handling difficult issues
    • How to help with less fun tasks
  4. How are personal skills/competencies assessed?
    • Have a solid general understanding of the project
    • Quality of discussions in emails
    • Are their patches (if applicable) easy to apply with just a cursory review
  5. PMC competency requirements
    • Have a more comprehensive understanding of the project
    • Ability to control project progress and version quality
    • Actively participate in/lead the construction of the community, promote the healthy development of the community, and take the initiative to undertake the responsibility and governance of the project
    • Respond proactively to questions raised by the ASF Board and take necessary action
    • Familiar with the release process of ASF

In most cases, new PMC members are nominated from the Committer team. But it is also possible to become a member of the PMC directly, as long as the PMC members agrees to the nomination and is confident that the candidate is ready. This can be demonstrated, for example, by the fact that he/she was an Apache member, an Apache official, or a PMC member of another project.

2. Detailed process of recommendation


${Candidate Name}: represents the electee eg: Joe Bloggs

${Committer/PMC members}: represents the type of Committer/PMC members

2.1 Initiate community mail discussion

Any eventmesh PMC member can initiate a voting discussion. After PMC members finds any valuable contributions from community contributors and obtains the consent of the candidate, they can initiate a discussion on the eventmesh private mailing list. In the discussion email, the proposer should clarify the candidate's contribution and give the address for reviewing the corresponding contribution, so that everyone can discuss and analyze. The discussion email should be sent to The discussion will last for at least 72 hours. The project team members, including the mentors, will fully express their views on the proposed email.

Here is a sample discussion email:

Subject: [DISCUSS] ${Candidate Name} as an EventMesh ${Committer/PMC members} candidate

Hi all:
I nominate ${Candidate Name} as an EventMesh ${Committer/PMC members} candidate

Judging from the contributions in recent months, ${Candidate Name} has submitted many implementations[1],[2] to the project and improved the management module for the project. During the optimization and improvement period of the project, it is hoped that more people will participate in in the actual project optimization and improvement, to let the project more perfect and easier to use.

So I nominated ${Candidate Name} as ${Committer/PMC members} of the EventMesh project.

1.${Candidate Githubid}
2.${Candidate Githubid}
4. ....

2.2 Initiate a community mail poll

If the discussion email does not receive any disagreement information within the specified time, the vote initiator needs to initiate a Committer or PMC election vote on the eventmesh private mailing list. The main voting email is sent to, which lasts for requires at least 3 votes + 1 to pass; if there is 1 -1 vote, the entire vote will fail; if a -1 vote is initiated, the voter needs to put -1 The reasons are clearly stated so that everyone can understand and understand.

Here is a sample poll email:

Subject: [VOTE] ${Candidate Name} as an EventMesh ${Committer/PMC members} candidate
Hi all:
Judging from the contributions in recent months, ${Candidate Name} has submitted many implementations[1],[2],[3] to the project and improved the management module for the project. During the optimization and improvement period of the project, it is hoped that more people will participate in the actual project optimization and improvement, to let the project more perfect and easier to use.

I think making him a ${Committer/PMC members} will be a recognition of his outstanding work for EventMesh. So, I am happy to call VOTE to accept ${Candidate Name} as an EventMesh ${Committer/PMC members}.

Voting until the required number of votes is reached.

Please vote accordingly:
[ ] +1 approve
[ ] +0 no opinion
[ ] -1 disapprove with the reason

Here are three links to his contributions to EventMesh:
1.${Candidate Githubid}
2.${Candidate Githubid}
3. Others:


2.3 Announcement of voting results

After the voting email ends, the voting initiator needs to remind the voting end in the second [VOTE] email; at the same time, the voting initiator needs to issue a stamp to announce the voting result and send it to

Here is an example of voting results:

Subject: [RESULTS][VOTE] ${Candidate Name} as an EventMesh ${Committer/PMC members}

Hi all:
The vote for "${Candidate Name} as an EventMesh ${Committer/PMC members}" has PASSED and closed now.

The result is as follows:

3 PMC +1 Votes
- aaa
- bbb
- ccc

Vote thread:

Then I'm going to invite ${Candidate Name} to join us.

Thanks for everyone's support!

Note: If it is not passed, the result is "The vote for "${Candidate Name} as an EventMesh ${Committer/PMC members}" has FAILED and closed now."

2.4 Added PMC notification email

his step is only for the new PMC members election process. If the Committer is elected, this step is skipped and not executed. The initiator of the vote needs to send a notification email to the mailing group and wait at least 72 hours; Email, cc; board will analyze compliance until there is no objection.

The following is a sample notification email for adding a PMC members:

Subject: [NOTICE] ${Candidate Name} for EventMesh PMC members
Hi everyone,

${Candidate Name} has been voted as a new member of the EventMesh PMC members.

The vote thread is at:


After 72 hours, if the board has no objection to the nomination (which in most cases will not), an invitation may be sent to the candidate.

2.5 Send email invitations to candidates

After announcing the voting results, the voting initiator should send an invitation email to the candidates. The invitation email is sent to the invitees, cc; the invited candidates must reply to accept or reject the invitation through the specified email address.

The following is a sample invitation email: Take the invitee Joe Bloggs as an example

Subject: Invitation to become EventMesh committer: Joe Bloggs

Hello Joe Bloggs,

The EventMesh Project Management Committee] (PMC)
hereby offers you committer privileges to the project
[as well as membership in the PMC]. These privileges are
offered on the understanding that you'll use them
reasonably and with common sense. We like to work on trust
rather than unnecessary constraints.

Being a committer enables you to more easily make
changes without needing to go through the patch
submission process. [Being a PMC member enables you
to guide the direction of the project.]

Being a committer does not require you to
participate any more than you already do. It does
tend to make one even more committed. You will
probably find that you spend more time here.

Of course, you can decline and instead remain as a
contributor, participating as you do now.

A. This personal invitation is a chance for you to
accept or decline in private. Either way, please
let us know in reply to the []
address only.

B. If you accept, the next step is to register an iCLA:
1. Details of the iCLA and the forms are found
through this link:

2. Instructions for its completion and return to
the Secretary of the ASF are found at

3. When you transmit the completed iCLA, request
to notify the Apache EventMesh and choose a
unique Apache ID. Look to see if your preferred
ID is already taken at
This will allow the Secretary to notify the PMC members
when your iCLA has been recorded.

When recording of your iCLA is noted, you will
receive a follow-up message with the next steps for
establishing you as a committer.

With the expectation of your acceptance, welcome!

The Apache EevntMesh PMC

2.6 Invitation acceptance process

Requires candidates for processing

The new Committer should reply to (select reply all) and express his/her acceptance of the invitation. The invitation will then be considered accepted by the project's PMC. Of course, new committers can also choose to decline the invitation.

Once the invitation is accepted, new submitters must take the following steps:

  • Subscribe to Usually this is already done.
  • Choose an Apache ID that has not been used apache committers list page.
  • Download [ICLA]( org/licenses/cla-corporate.pdf) is expected).
  • After filling in the correct information in icla.pdf (or ccla.pdf), print it, sign it by hand, scan it into PDF, and send it as an attachment to [] (email: (If electronic signatures are preferred, follow the steps on this page)
  • PMC will wait for the Apache Secretary to confirm ICLA (or CCLA) filing. New submitters and PMC will receive the following email:
Dear ${Candidate Name},

This message acknowledges receipt of your ICLA, which has been filed in the Apache Software Foundation records.

Your account has been requested for you and you should receive email with next steps
within the next few days (can take up to a week).

Please refer to
for more information about roles at Apache.

In the unlikely event that the account has not been processed, PMC members should contact the project Apache Incubator's VP, which can be accessed through the [Apache Account Submission Helper Form](https://whismy. request.

In a few days, new committers will receive an email confirming account creation with the title Welcome to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF)!.

After receiving the notification email that the account was created successfully, you can reply to the previous invitation email again to inform EventMesh PMC that your Apache Id account has been created, and request that your Apache Id be added to EventMesh' official submitter list. (Inform the PMC responsible for nominating you to add the new committer to the official committer list via the Roster page)

2.7 Setting up apache id and development environment

Requires candidates for processing

  • Enter [Apache Account Utility Platform] (, create a password, set up a personal email address (forwarding email address) and a GitHub account (Your GitHub Username).
  • If you want to use mail service, please refer to here. Gmail is recommended as this forwarding mode is not easily found in most email service setups.
  • Follow【Authorize GitHub 2FA wiki】( to enable two-factor authorization (2FA) in Github . When you set 2FA to "off", it will be delisted from the corresponding Apache committer write permission group until you set it again. (Note: pay attention to recovery codes like passwords!)
  • Use the [GitBox Account Linking Utility] ( to obtain the write permission of the EventMesh project.
  • eventmesh-website related page update

If you want to make a public appearance in the Apache GitHub organization, you need to go to the Apache GitHub people page, Search for yourself, then select Organization visibility for Public.

3 Post announcement email

After the above steps are completed, the voting initiator will send a notification email to the mailing group.

The following is a sample notification email:

Subject: [ANNOUNCE] New ${Committer/PMC}: ${Candidate Name}
Hi all:
Hi everyone,

The Project Management Committee(PMC) for Apache EventMesh has invited ${Candidate Name} to become a ${Committer/PMC members} and we are pleased to announce that he has accepted.

${Candidate Name} is being active in the EventMesh community, and we are glad to see his more interactions with the community in the future.

Welcome ${Candidate Name}, and please enjoy your journey. :)

The Apache EevntMesh PMC

At this point, the whole process is over, and the candidate officially becomes the Committer or PMC of the project.

4 Workflow summary

  1. Send emails with ICLA attachments

  2. 1-2 days after receipt of the reply email, will be processed within 5 working days

  3. 2-Receive an Apache account creation success email within 5 days

  4. Use the email prompt to retrieve or reset your password

  5. Connect your Github account to or

  6. Enable Github 2FA authentication

  7. Use to get repository write access