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DingtalkSinkConnector: From EventMesh to DingTalk

  1. launch your EventMesh Runtime.
  2. enable sinkConnector and check sink-config.yml.
  3. send a message to EventMesh with the topic defined in pubSubConfig.subject
# default port 10000
meshAddress: your.eventmesh.server:10000
idc: FT
env: PRD
group: dingTalkSink
appId: 5034
userName: dingTalkSinkUser
passWord: dingTalkPassWord
connectorName: dingTalkSink
# Please refer to:
appKey: dingTalkAppKey
appSecret: dingTalkAppSecret
openConversationId: dingTalkOpenConversationId
robotCode: dingTalkRobotCode

CloudEvent Attributes

When using the eventmesh-connector-dingtalk sinking event, you need to add the corresponding extension filed in CloudEvent:

  • When key=dingtalktemplatetype, value=text/markdown, indicating the text type of the event.
  • When text type is markdown, you can add extension: key=dingtalkmarkdownmessagetitle, value indicates the title of the event.