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Version: v1.4.0

Import EventMesh into eclipse

We recommend using Intellij IDEA for development, if you wish to use Eclipse, you can refer to the following steps to import the project.

1. Dependencies

64-bit JDK 1.8+.
Gradle is at least 7.0, 7.0.* recommended;
eclipse installed gradle plugin or eclipse comes with gradle plugin;

2. Download source code

3. Project compile eclipse environment

Open a command line terminal and run gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse

4. Configuration changes

Modify the project name to match the settings.gradle configuration file parameter

5. Modify eclipse.init configuration file, configure lombok to 1.18.8 version for example


6. 202106 version, eclipse.init add configuration parameters


7. Import projetc

Open eclipse, import gradle project to IDE.