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Version: v1.6.0

Observe Metrics with Prometheus


Prometheus is an open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit that collects and stores the metrics as time-series data. EventMesh exposes a collection of metrics data that could be scraped and analyzed by Prometheus. Please follow the "First steps with Prometheus" tutorial to download and install the latest release of Prometheus.

Edit Prometheus Configuration

The eventmesh-runtime/conf/prometheus.yml configuration file specifies the port of the metrics HTTP endpoint. The default metrics port is 19090.


Please refer to the Prometheus configuration guide to add the EventMesh metrics as a scrape target in the configuration file. Here's the minimum configuration that creates a job with the name eventmesh and the endpoint http://localhost:19090:

- job_name: "eventmesh"
- targets: ["localhost:19090"]

Please navigate to the Prometheus dashboard (e.g. http://localhost:9090) to view the list of metrics exported by EventMesh, which are prefixed with eventmesh_.