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v1.2.0 Release


  • ISSUE #74 Suggest support rocketmq as store
  • ISSUE #176 Support Spi for extended implementation to accommodate a variety of MQ
  • ISSUE #190 Support pub/sub ,heartbeat manage and subscribe manage for http
  • ISSUE #201 Support running eventmesh in docker


  • ISSUE #391 Optimize interface design in eventmesh-connector-api
  • ISSUE #378 downstream broadcast msg asynchronously
  • ISSUE #186 Separate the eventmesh-connector-defibus and eventmesh-connector-rocketmq config from eventmesh-runtime
  • ISSUE #366 Clear some legacy concept
  • ISSUE #256 Upgrade Openmessaging-api to 2.2.1-pubsub version


  • ISSUE #397 Remove subscription session failed error
  • ISSUE #386 ConsumerGroup Queue Offset is not synced up correctly after PullConsumer has consumer all the messages in the topic
  • ISSUE #382 java.lang.NumberFormatException when parsing Long
  • ISSUE #368 Racing Condition problem in EventMesh SDK's LiteConsumer HTTP Client
  • ISSUE #211 Rocketmq-connector throw nullpointer exception
  • ISSUE #203 The consumer pull request message's attribute 'bizSeqNo' is null
  • ISSUE #212 For multiple listening instances, only the last started instance can receive messages
  • ISSUE #216 EventMesh ProxyTcpRetryer throws NumberFormatException
  • ISSUE #226 eventMesh-rocketmq-connector tcp pub throw operation time out exception
  • ISSUE #188 Test send sync RR(request-response) msg failed, just send one message, but receive msgs continuously
  • ISSUE #184 Eventmesh-connector-rocketmq can not send and receive msg successfully
  • ISSUE #220 pub/sub client fails to start
  • ISSUE #222 When onChange is NEW, eventMesh occurred NullPointException

Document and code style improvement