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v1.7.0 Release




  • Bug #2163 This method needlessly uses a String literal as a Charset encoding [SendSyncMessageProcessor]
  • Bug #2148 The webhook test occurs with an NPE
  • Bug #1818 Fix IOException in SSLContextFactory
  • Bug #1656 The extension field of CloudEvent does not exist.
  • Bug #1654 Occur NullPointerException when broadcastEventListener consumes message
  • Bug #1627 ConsumerGroup subscribes multiple topics, only first topic can invoke url
  • Bug #1367 Cannot find the webhook protocol adaptor
  • Bug #1350 Fix WebHookProcessorTest test error
  • Bug #1347 Pravega connector writer doesn't close when unsubscribing
  • Bug #1279 incorrect under the eventmesh-connector-pulsar
  • Bug #1238 Can't start the pulsar connector
  • Bug #1208 Use zipkin hippen NullPointerException
  • Bug #1021 Span is null when eventMeshServerTraceEnable is false
  • Bug #1022 Two NPE problems with Tcp Protocol Resolver
  • Bug #1035 Tcp UpStreamMsgContext retry infinite loop
  • Bug #1036 The bug caused by the logical sequence of tcp closeSession
  • Bug #1038 The result of validate target url method is opposite in http protocol
  • Bug #1052 Only the first instance of the same consumer group receives the message in http protocol
  • Bug #1056 Fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Bug #1059 NullPointException of Http Request
  • Bug #1064 NullPointException Of ClientManageControllerTest
  • Bug #1074 Fix PrometheusConfigurationTest running test fail

Document and code style improvement