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v1.0.0 Release


  • Support publish/subscribe Event.
  • Support multicast/broadcast/cluster mode.
  • Support flow control.
  • Support retry Event.
  • Support batch Event.
  • Support tag Event.
  • Support HTTP and TCP.
  • Support DeFiBus as EventStore.


  • issue-97, get current process id only once , reduce timecost, ThreadUtil.getPID()
  • issue-100, fix
  • issue-108, upgrade libs for security leak
  • issue-116, reduce timecost, get local ip only once, getLocalAddr()
  • issue-120, fix ack problem
  • issue-128, improve start and stop script
  • issue-139, add locks in hello request, many clients in the same group frequently go online and offline, trigger concurrently bug establishing links bug