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Version: v1.0.0

EventMesh Store

1 Dependencies

64-bit OS,we recommend Linux/Unix;
64-bit JDK 1.8+;
Gradle 7.0+, we recommend 7.0.*
4g+ available disk to deploy eventmesh-store
If you choose standalone mode, you could skip this file and go to the next step: Start Eventmesh-Runtime; if not, you could choose RocketMQ as the store layer.

2 Download

Download the Binary code (recommended: 4.9.*) from RocketMQ Official. Here we take 4.9.4 as an example.

cd rocketmq-4.9.4/


3 Start

Start Name Server:

nohup sh bin/mqnamesrv &
tail -f ~/logs/rocketmqlogs/namesrv.log


Start Broker:

nohup sh bin/mqbroker -n localhost:9876 &
tail -f ~/logs/rocketmqlogs/broker.log

The deployment of eventmesh-store has finished, please go to the next step: Start Eventmesh-Runtime


For more details about RocketMQ, please refer to